All I can say is what a day!

After yesterday’s tough day on the streamer, our guide, Gabe Levin, made the decision to switch to bead and indicator rigs. This was the move!

The day started off almost instantly with me putting a bow to the net. At 8 a.m. I stuck a solid 20” brown! Our first of the trip, and my personal best.

First brown
My first White River brown!

Fifteen short minutes later, I put another nice brown to the net!

Second brown
My second brown of the day.

We caught consistent, countless, rainbow trout throughout the whole day. Most of them cookie cutters, but my dad did manage to land a couple of very nice bows. These guys kept the day interesting in between us catching some dandy brown trout.

Dad with a nice bow
Dad with a nice bow.

At 11 a.m. I hooked into my 3rd brown trout, a decent one at about 16” or so. Then came the big boy…

Second brown
My second brown of the day

At 12 p.m., just before lunch, my indicator went down and I set the hook. It felt like I set the hook on a sunken log jam, but to my surprise a slab of a brown trout came shooting out of the water. This was the biggest brown trout I have ever seen, let alone hooked, in my life! While I was fighting the beast, my dad hooked into his first brown trout of the day and managed to land it. Just after he landed his, my trout came unhooked. It was very disheartening in the moment, but I was over it shortly because I was just too stoked to even have the chance at catching a brown trout that big!

Dad's first brown
Dad with his first brown of the trip!

We continued to catch bows all day long after lunch. When it was close to ending time, we decided to hit the run where I got my first two browns out of in the morning a few times. My dad and I both stuck some nice bows, and missed some too. On our second pass through, I hooked into my 4th brown of the day and landed it, making it my 3rd landed brown. We motored up to the top of the run, and hit it again. Further down in the run, I hooked into another brown and put it to the net! We decided to do the run one last time, but our luck on browns ran out.

Third brown
My third brown of the day.
Last brown
My last brown of the day.

Today was filled with constant action and amazing weather! I am still in awe of this river and all that it has to offer.

Tomorrow is our last day here, and we are heading out with spinning gear. Should be another amazing day of fishing here on the White River.

Special thanks to Gabe Levin for putting us on some great fish these last two days!

Last brown
Guide Gabe Levin and I.